LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Second Harvest Food Bank is aiding Hurricane Ian victims by becoming a part of a supply food chain.

Region Director, Paul Scelfo, told News 10, “So as hurricanes or disasters here come here through Louisiana, millions of pounds were activated through Feeding America partners and I’m sure for this situation, the same thing.”

Scelfo said a meeting was held Wednesday morning before Hurricane Ian made landfall.

The conversations focused on what necessary steps need to be taken when assessing impact.

“What’s going to happen is the food banks will go into assessment phase. We then become part of a supply chain, getting products there as soon as possible,” explained Scelfo.

Once the storm moves through, assessments will be held and that is when requests will start coming through, but Scelfo says Second Harvest keeps disaster supplies on hand.

Scelfo continued, “We collect supplies all year long. We do this for preparations for our own facility and other people.”

The non-profit remains on standby should help deployment be necessary.

Second Harvest Food Bank is part of the Feeding America Network, which means they are part of over 200 food banks around the country.