LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– In Lafayette, the second annual RescYOU Fest was held Saturday to bring attention to families who have tragically lost a child. The RescYOU group held this fest to spread awareness and to bring positivity to the community.

Many families and foundations, like the Garon Paul Foundation, were in attendance. Katie Harris, co-founder of the RescYOU group, said the event gives families the opportunity to express how amazing their children were.

“In the booths they have a chance for their children’s name to be said again,” Harris said. “I think a lot of people have a hard time when you lose a child. That’s what these parents want. They want their children remembered.”

Emma Alexander, member of the City of Lafayette Aquatics, said their booth educates people on the importance of water safety.

“Up to ten people drown a day in the U.S., and by partnering with STM swimming and us being here we spread more awareness for prevention,” Alexander said.

Reecie Gilmore, founder of the RescYOU group, said their group doesn’t only help families who have lost children, but they also build forever relationships with them.

“We’re an organization that not only assists these families but cultivates relationships and creates bonds,” Gilmore said. “Bad things happen to good people and if we can teach somebody through prevention, tips and tools and resources so they could better protect their children that’s what we wanna do.”

For people who do not know about what the RescYOU fest has to offer, Nate Moore said the organization is always open.

“I would love the families to know, families that have not come here, that are still feeling a lot of the emotion, there’s nothing but love here,” Moore said. “There’s people in this community that want to support them, love on them and nothing in return.”

The RescYOU group said they look forward to putting this event on for more years to come.

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