SCOTT, La. (KLFY) – The search for his father led a Scott man to discover an entire family he never knew existed.

He wanted to know if there were any health issues that could have been passed on to him. In that search, he discovered siblings, cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles, who welcomed him with open arms.

Blaize Cain, 27, told News 10 that he didn’t know much about his father, all he had was a picture from his childhood and his father’s name. With that, he turned to google and found a phone number he believed may be his grandmother and he called it.

“She answered and said, ‘Hello?’ I hung up because I was so nervous. I wasn’t expecting anyone to answer,” Cain said.

He resumed his daily life with his family, but he knew he was close to finding answers, so he texted another number he found on the internet.

“I said, ‘Hey, I hope you don’t mind me texting you. I’m just curious if you have anybody that would be able to identify this man’s name.’ She said, ‘Yes, that’s my father. Why?’ That’s when it all unraveled,” he added.

Blaize found out he not only had an older sister but he had a younger brother too, and they wanted to meet him. So Blaize and his family drove to Houston, Texas, where they lived.

He, his wife, and their two children were finally able to meet his dad’s side of the family, which included cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and of course, Blaize’s siblings. Blaize told News 10 that he fit right in.

“I was scared to go, but it ended up working out. We felt like we were supposed to be there as if there was never any time lost,” he said.

Unfortunately, Blaize learned his father passed away in 2017, but he discovered an entirely new family he never knew he had.

“I would encourage anyone that doesn’t know to go and find out for peace,” he said.

Blaize, his wife, and their children spent their first Thanksgiving with his new family a few weeks ago and they plan to return for Christmas.