SCOTT, La. (KLFY) Firefighters take an oath to help those in need, never realizing one day they may need help themselves.

In less than 24 hours, thousands of dollars have been raised to help a Scott firefighter whose infant son is seriously ill.

Firefighter Jaron Leblanc’s son was born April 12 by way of an emergency C-section when suddenly his heart stopped beating.

He had to be flown to a New Orleans hospital for care and Fire Chief Chad Sonnier tells News Tens Renee Allen, the family is struggling in more ways than one.

Leblanc has been a firefighter his entire adult life. He started when he was 17 holding the line with his fellow fighters for 10 years, at the Scott Fire department.

“Because he’s been helping those he doesn’t even know and now his own family needs him and he’s just helpless because there’s nothing he can do.” Chief Sonnier said.

He says Leblanc expressed concerns about medical and travel expenses now that he and his wife are traveling back and forth to New Orleans to be by their son’s side.

The couple met with doctors Tuesday for an update on their son’s condition.

“It wasn’t the exact news they were hoping for, but through the power of prayer and support of the community, we’re hoping they can get over this thing and be resilient.”

On Monday, the chief’s wife, Kelly Sonnier, took it upon herself to setup a GoFundMe that she hopes will help out.

“He was very very humble and appreciative of everything that’s been going on. I talk to him two or three times per day just to keep up with everything and he’s just overwhelmed with all of the support he’s gotten.” Sonnier said.

Leblanc also works part-time for the Carencro fire department.

“He works full time in Scott but he’s a brother no matter where.”

Carenco Fire Chief David Mouton says firefighters will do their part to help because that’s what firefighters do for each other.