LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — A local scooter dealership is moving downtown and, with the move, they’re bringing electric bike rentals, even with people’s push back and comparisons to the banned scooter rentals from a few years ago.

The Voodoo 5 owner Shawn Tucker said not everyone is excited about the e-bike rentals coming to Lafayette, and he wanted to clarify how this will be different from the scooter rentals.

“The biggest misconception is people are trying to associate it or possibly maybe associate it with the bird scooters or the lime scooters that several years ago they just appeared in Lafayette and just littered the roads,” Tucker said. 

Tucker said unlike the scooter rentals, what he’s offering is not a shared mobility device and people will not have to rent from kiosks. He said renting the e-bikes will be like renting a car.

“It’s a storefront,” Tucker said. “Not a kiosk or a mobile app or anything like that. We’re not a shared mobility. This is a stand alone rental for an electric pedal assist bike.”

With regulations in place, Tucker said he wants to make sure laws are followed when it comes to renting the e-bikes and will notify renters about them.

“Louisiana does have certain laws and of course we’re going to have those posted,” Tucker said. “We’re going to have safety videos. We’re going to show people how you’re supposed to operate them.”

Tucker said he is excited about offering the e-bike rentals because it will be something locals and tourists can use as an alternative way to travel in and outside of town.

“You come to the store,” Tucker said. “You rent your bike from us, and you return the bike to us. And you don’t have to keep it here in Downtown. You can take the bike wherever you want. You can load it up and take it to Pecan Island, wherever you like. Take it wherever you want. It’s not just limited to downtown. “

The Voodoo 5 expects to be open at their new location downtown along with bike rentals in early September.