LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – With bus driver shortages creating a greater need for car riders, a Lafayette doctor has school pickup lines blocking his driveway.

News 10 spoke with the owner of Moore Healthcare Group Dr. Patrick Moore, who said that the J. Wallace James Elementary lines are preventing his patients from getting in to see him.

“The car rider line at two crucial points of the day, first thing in the morning and also in the afternoon, basically park waiting to pick up their students. It is disruptive to our business for the car rider line to continue to block up oncoming traffic,” Dr. Moore said.

With the car rider line already causing traffic issues, Dr. Moore said that he fears new construction in the area will make matters worse.

“So we have 3 promising developments, 2 residential and 1 educational, that’s going to add additional traffic to what the car rider line problem already presents,” he said.

The first step in resolving this issue is effective communication with businesses, law enforcement, and schools, according to Dr. Moore.

“I think the first thing to do is actually sit down and try to achieve effective communication, then strive for a resolution,” he said. “We get that children are trying to become educated to be our future, but we also know businesses have to survive and we understand people have to live. I’m just asking for something to be done about it.”

He also told News 10 that he wants city officials to improve infrastructure to accommodate the new construction.

“And we’re asking Lafayette consolidated involvement with this too because infrastructure needs to be addressed as well with all this new development and new construction in this half-a-mile radius.”

Local police are being very helpful to his issues but he has not heard from Lafayette Parish Schools, he added.