LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– The initial proposal of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana being acquired by Elevance Health resulted in public opposition. With the merger being pulled, policyholders and organizations are discussing the outcome of the merger being resubmitted.

Due to feedback from policyholders and officials, the $3 billion acquisition was pulled last month. Organizations like the Lafayette Parish School System who use BCBS, will determine if they want to continue partnering with non-profit insurance provider.

Carole Broussard with the Lafayette Association of Retired Teachers said LPSS is self-insured, providing their employees insurance options and only uses BCBS to process their insurance claims. Broussard said although the merger has been pulled, BCBS plans to resubmit the acquisition proposal at a later date, which could be a problem for LPSS.

“We are insured by the Lafayette Parish School System,” Broussard said. “We pay BCBS to process our claim. They process all the claims for the LPSS. If they buy Blue Cross Blue Shield then that company will, of course, set a higher cost then what they do, for the LPSS. We’re going to pay more money than what we’re paying now.”

Broussard said at last night’s insurance committee meeting, the effects of BCBS being sold was briefly discussed. She said there’s a possibility cost could go up causing employees to pay more.

“So that’s something that the school system is looking at, because if we continue with Elevance, anthem, then we have to realize at some point the cost is going to go up and numbers will be affected because we’re going to have to pay more out of pocket,” she said.

Broussard said the school board will have to decide if they want to continue using BCBS, and if they decide not to, LPSS would have to give them a 60-day notice. She said it’s because of a clause LPSS has with BCBS.

Until the proposal is submitted, Broussard said the school board will have to wait to determine if they will continue using blue cross blue shield.

“After waiting and seeing what’s going to happen come January, and once we hear, we can also have a new board,” Broussard said. “So, I’m hoping that the board will listen to the recommendations of the insurance committee and will have a favorable outcome.”

Broussard said until the new school board members and the proposal is resubmitted, there is no final decision on what will be take place.

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