LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The Better Business Bureau has learned that people are pretending to be the BBB in order to steal information and money from unsuspecting businesses and consumers. 

BBB has heard of two new impostor approaches. El Paso businesses have received emails claiming their business has received a new BBB complaint and asking users to click through to “Review and sign” a document. The email includes BBB logos and a fake complaint number. 

In the other example, phone calls are used. A consumer in Pennsylvania received a phone call from someone who identified the victim by their home phone number and then proceeded to say their credit was good and they didn’t have to pay on the credit cards anymore.

Check out BBB’s Spot a Scam hub to learn how to identify scammers quickly, and read more about common impostor scams. The BBB does sometimes reach out to consumers and businesses; however, they will never ask for passwords or information to access your personal device. If you are unsure, tell the caller you will call them back and end the call. Then check the phone number on and call directly.

If you receive a call from someone requesting payment information or permission to access your computer, hang up and report it to BBB Scam Tracker.