LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) The family of Lafayette boxer Brandon Broussard say they got the justice they have been waiting on.  

The last of two brothers convicted in his shooting death of the slain boxer were sentenced Monday.

Brandon’s mother, Barbara Broussard says that the family is okay with the sentencing.

She says Carlos Toby received 25 years in prison for conspiracy to commit.  

In February, Toby’s brother Shavis was sentenced to life.  

Broussard says she’s satisfied with the verdict and happy with the work of the 15th judicial district attorney.

Brandon’s mother reads a social media post from 2021.  It’s from her son Brandon:

“Dad I want to thank you for showing me the definition of a man who loves and takes care of his family.”

In 2018, her son was shot and killed after Carlos Toby lost to him in a fight inside a night club.

She says throughout the trial she was under the belief that her son was shot three times.

At the trial, she says, she left the courtroom to avoid hearing about the autopsy but when she returned, she learned the truth.

“I asked my husband how many times was he shot and my husband never responded.  I looked at his sister and I said tell me how many times he was shot.  She said he was shot eight times,” Barbara explained.

Shavis Toby received a life sentence, plus 30 years when he was convicted for the pulling the trigger.

On Monday, his brother Carlos was sentenced to 25 years for conspiracy to commit second degree murder.  

Barbara says conspiracy carries up to 30 years.

“Unlike his brother, he showed some compassion.  He stood up and he apologized to the family of course he didn’t admit he was guilty. He just apologized and said that he was sorry that Brandon was killed,” Broussard explained.

Barbara says the family is satisfied with the verdict.  Now, they will try to move on as best they can.

“When something like this happens it’s a bitter sweet moment.  You’re happy cause you getting justice but you don’t’ get your son back,” Broussard stated.