LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY)– Lafayette residents believe short-term rentals are making residential areas unsafe.

Issues with short term rentals like Airbnb has been an ongoing discussion in Lafayette. Debates about whether there should be regulations in place or not, have people sharing if they think short term rentals should be in residential areas.

Throughout some neighborhoods, signs can be seen saying “Homes not hotels.” This is how homeowners who do not agree with short term rentals being in residential areas speak out.

People like Jeff and Sheila LeBlanc says they are not a fan of short-term rentals in their neighborhood for multiple reasons.

Jeff said he “understands the want for it and it seems like a cute cottage industry, but he doesn’t necessarily think of it that way.”

He continues to describe how he has concerns for his and his wife’s safety because he says you never know who’s going to be in the neighborhood.

Sheila expressed her opinions on the short-term rental situation as well.

“It’s too bad. The traffic, the strangers, the trash. It’s just becoming decrepit. It’s just becoming crowded,” said Sheila.

A meeting to vote on an ordinance that would regulate short term rentals and discuss zoning has been delayed by Lafayette City Council member Andy Naquin for the second time.

Mike Bass with the Lafayette Tourism Lodging Association are against the proposed regulations from LCG.

“It would ban all short-term rentals in all RS1 neighborhood which is like 75% percent of the city, so we are against that. So, it’s like treating your arm, then cutting it off,” said Bass.

The next time LCG will discuss this controversial proposal is September 5th.