LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– Christmas is the time of year where parents are excited to gift their children with presents, but this Christmas is different for one mother whose son lost his eyesight.

Now she said the only thing she wishes she could do, is help bring him joy this holiday, and spread awareness on gun violence.

Veronica Malveaux said her 16-year-old son was shot in the head back in early August, resulting in the loss of his vision. She said it’s been hard on her son, especially with today being Christmas.

“He was shot at five times. Unfortunately hit one time and that one time took away his eyesight,” Malyeaux said. “They came out and told us that he suffered severe nerve damage, that he would permanently be blind in both eyes.”

Malveaux said since her son became blind, adjusting to not being able to do some of his favorite things like play video games is a constant reminder, and this hurts her heart because she is not able to gift him with what he initially wanted for Christmas.

“It’s tough because he’s blind,” Malveaux. “He was a child that liked to play video games online, so not being able to get up and do that, that’s where that sinks in.”

Malveaux said although her son is unable to see, she is grateful he is still alive.

“I’m fortunate to have him because it’s a lot of parents that lost their kids, sister, brother, cousin to gun violence. So, to have him here, I feel like that’s a blessing,” Malveaux said.

She said because of gun violence, her family has had their lives changed forever. She wants people to know the dangers of gun violence and how it affects victims and their loved ones.

“It’s innocent people that are losing their lives behind so much killing. I mean you don’t understand that you’re not only hurting the person that you’re taking away or taking something from, but you’re also hurting the whole family as a whole,” Malveaux said.

Malveaux said she just wishes she could give her son a nice Christmas after everything he has been through. Instead, she hopes his story will help stop gun violence.