LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Drivers in Scott will be dealing with road construction for the next eight months while the largest roundabout in the city is being built.

The Mayor of Scott, Jan-Scott Richard, says the construction will come with some major traffic delays and detours.

“It’s a very very large round about. It’s the largest roundabout in the city of Scott so it’s an integral project, something that has to happen. We did phase one which we opened in 2021 and now we have an opportunity to extend.”

Richard says two new traffic lights have been installed and a map has been created highlighting routes drivers can expect to take.

“It’s a pretty strict timeline in regards to our contract, it’s 235 days which is right at 8 months. We’re very confident in their work and their workmanship that they will be able to get this done in 8 months maybe even a little less, but that is the timeline and it’s very detailed.”

Le Violon at Dulles as well as Le Violon at West Congress will have traffic lights.

“Naturally, Dulles heading west you will not be able to go past Rue Du Bellier. There will be a detour road heading south towards Acadiana High and vise versa and anybody that lives in the champion subdivision, or off of Lloyd Road or West Park, they will have to take Dulles to travel west and head towards the Apollo extension that’s already there and figure their way to Westgate.”

As the work officially begins next week, Richard urges drivers to be patient with the road closures and says it’ will be worth it in the end.

“Please be understanding, I understand there’s going to be some difficulties and adjustments that everyone is going to have to make. It’s growing pains. We’re going to be able to navigate traffic much, much easier once this extension is complete.