LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — In Lafayette, residents are voicing concerns for safety after another deadly crash on Evangeline Thruway.

Lafayette resident Kimberly Culotta told News 10 that “We’ve known that this street is one of the most dangerous streets in the state and we’ve done nothing about it. And I understand that we think this big renovation through I-49 is coming down the pipeline. We need to move sooner, we can’t wait for that, we shouldn’t have waited this long.”

Expressing a need for safer crossing follows nine pedestrian-related accidents on the Evangeline Thruway in the past year, including last night’s death of Brandon Dewayne.

“There is no chance of surviving being hit by a vehicle at that speed. But if you have to walk blocks and blocks to get to a light where you can cross safely, you’re going to risk it and try to get across six or eight lanes of Evangeline thruway to get to the grocery store or wherever you’re trying to go,” Culotta said.

Culotta also said that she was made aware of a petition wanting to hold the department of transportation accountable to record locations of these accidents so the problems with safety can be addressed.

Culotta told News 10, “I was recently made aware of a petition by Edna Guillory from Broussard. Lafayette needs to be aware that it is unsafe to be a pedestrian or a cyclist. Not everyone has vehicles, we need to build infrastructure to make it safe.”

For anyone interested in signing the petition, click here.