LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) –Residents protested the firing of the Lafayette police chief at the city council meeting Tuesday evening.

Many protesters fired questions at Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory, who fired the chief without an explanation.

It wasn’t just protesters who questioned Guillory, however, about why he gave no explanation for firing the former police chief.

Even some city council members said they have no idea either.

City councilman Glenn Lazard was the first to speak up.

He said he was disappointed former Police Chief Thomas Glover was fired because he Glover was the best police chief they’ve ever had.

Residents agreed.

“What was the true reason? What was the manipulative point that you had behind closed doors where you decided to get rid of one of the best chiefs we’ve ever had?” one resident asked Guillory.

Councilman Lazard went on to say that he doesn’t know why Glover was fired because he didn’t see any issues. He said it was “shocking that this bombshell was dropped” when Guillory terminated Glover.

He added he’s hoping and praying there was a legitimate reason for his termination, and that this wasn’t political.

Another councilmember said as long as no reason is given for Glover’s termination, there’s a cloud that will continue to hang over the Lafayette Police Department and says this will clearly undermine public trust and confidence.

The councilmembers were right.

“The lack of transparency is worrying. The mayor has been hiding behind the phrase, ‘This is a personal matter,’ and he is not allowed to talk about it. But his evasive answers and trying to dodge the subject… the whole thing just looks fishy,” another concerned resident said during the council meeting.

One concerned community activist spoke up and called for the city council to start their own investigation.

“I say today it’s time for us to stand up and challenge this administration,” activist Keith Faulk said.

“The city council has the opportunity and the authority under the charter to open up an independent investigation into any government affair, public official, or department. I’m asking the city council to do that if he’s not willing to publicly address and give a reason as the the reason of the firing of Chief Glover,” he added.

Mayor-President Josh Guillory did not address the residents or councilmembers concerns or give a comment.