LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Councilman Patrick Lewis with District 1 held a townhouse meeting Thursday to discuss the process and a potential site for a new truck stop.

It is a chance for residents to speak to the realtor representing a developer of the site and learn more information.

“I’ve never heard any pros. Never did. A lot of people reached out and the majority of the people are saying they do not want the truck stop,” said Lewis.

The reason is many people live in the area which is 40 feet from the potential site near the State Trooper police station on Pont Des Mouton Road.

“A lot of people live there, mostly people that live in the area that walk in that area, and they feel that putting on truck stop people that drive these trucks more or less just be there and who knows what can happen.”

Councilman Lewis said most of the residents that live there, exercise in that area. There are a lot of elderly people there. They have a lot of school-aged kids, they get off the bus, go home or go to school. There’s also a gym and park nearby. It’s a family neighborhood.

“Truck stops bring a lot of different issues as far as fuel. There’s contamination in the ground,” he added.

He said while the property in the location has been vacant for some time, the area would have to be rezoned to fit a truck stop, which hasn’t happened yet.

He supports residents not wanting the location but he is one member of the city council and needs the support of the residents to express their concerns to the city council.

“Mostly the people that live there and the council. We are the one that makes the final decision,” he said.