LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) — The day to cast your vote is just around the corner and with election day quickly approaching, people are urged to get out and vote.

Louisiana State Representative John Stefanski says it’s getting close to election day, and this is the time where candidates are going the extra mile in making sure their campaigns reach the masses. Especially candidates running for the attorney general’s office.

Representative John Stefanski says this election cycle has been fun despite some negative campaign ads against him.

“It’s unfortunate you know some people feel the only way they can win is to attack the other person. And I’ve been trying to focus on what I plan on doing,” said Stefanski.

Stefanski says when heading to the polls this weekend, voters should be informed about the candidates they have in mind. He says it’s important to look at all of their credentials and qualifications.

“You know look at people’s backgrounds before you vote, look at the qualifications, look at the reason they’re running. And then thirdly look at the independents aspect,” said Stefanski.

With a decrease in voters during early voting, Stefanski says it’s crucial people make their voices heard and their vote count.

“I just encourage people to vote. You know there’s a lot of apathy in this election cycle. We’re seeing it with the turn out numbers in early voting. So, you know, go and vote. This is your opportunity to really change the future of this state. And you can do it by the person you elect,” said Stefanski.

In addition to the gubernatorial race this election cycle, the office of attorney general is up for grabs and Stefanski says the attorney general’s position is one of service to the people.

“The attorney general is the attorney for the citizens of the state of Louisiana. And it’s incredibly important that this person be independent and just be focused on the citizens and doing the best job we can for them.”

Again, election day is this Saturday, October 14th. Also, running for Attorney General are Lindsey Cheek, Marty Maley, Liz Murrill, and Perry Walker Terrebonne.