UPDATE 3/28/23: Chief Rickey Boudreaux has released a statement in response to the Advocate article regarding the incident involving Youngsville Councilwoman Kayla Reaux.

The statement is as follows:

The video footage extracted from the officers’ body camera are the best evidence of the events which transpired on the night at issue. The article seeks to have the readers believe influence was placed upon the investigating officers given Ms. Reaux’s position as a City Councilwoman. Nothing could be further from the truth and the video shows just that. I, at no moment, directed or implied that Councilwoman Reaux should receive preferential treatment. I do not condone Councilwoman Reaux’s behavior towards the officer(s) on scene and the video shows me telling her to stop. A careful examination of the footage, inclusive of the associated audio, evidences the investigating officers discussing whether a citation should be issued. At no time did I, as a supervisory officer and head of the department, interfere or participate in this discussion. All officers are afforded discretion in determining whether a citation should be issued and/or a sobriety test should be administered. After a thorough review of the videos produced, I feel the footage corroborates the officers’ decisions in exercising their discretion. Bear in mind these officers are protected under Civil Service from any political influence or retaliation. It should be noted that one of the investigating officers clearly states that regardless of “who is on scene,” he may elect to exercise his discretion and take over the investigation of this incident. Proof positive no influence was being exerted upon these officers. Not to mention, those who live in Youngsville and who know me, I personally respond to a number of incidents no matter who is involved, and they receive exactly the same treatment. I have served this community with Honor and Respect and will continue to do so with all of my abilities. I welcome any inquiries into this matter and feel this is my obligation as a public servant to the citizens of Youngsville. 

Chief Rickey Boudreaux

YOUNGSVILLE, La. (KLFY) — A Youngsville city councilwoman crashed into a parked vehicle in November, and left the scene without being cited or subject to a sobriety test after the chief of police responded personally, according to a report in The Acadiana Advocate.

Youngsville Councilmember Kayla Menard Reaux crashed into a parked SUV belonging to Sherri Guidry on Nov. 12. Guidry then called 911. Youngsville officers arrived quickly to the scene of the crash, according to the report, and Guidry told an officer that the woman in the vehicle refused to get out or speak with her. The woman also did not cooperate with officers.

Moments later, Youngsville Police Chief Rickey Boudreaux arrived at the scene. He introduced the driver to his officers as Youngsville Councilmember Kayla Menard Reaux.

No sobriety test was administered to the councilwoman. No citation was issued.

The speed limit is 15 miles per hour on Palfrey Parkway in the Youngsville development where the crash happened, the Advocate reported, but the impact of the crash left both vehicles undriveable. Guidry says her 2016 GMC Yukon Denali is still being repaired after it suffered $25,000 worth of damage.

Reaux said her cell phone was ringing as she drove about 25 mph down Palfrey Parkway on the night of Nov. 12. She looked down for a moment to search for her phone when she crashed into the parked vehicle, the councilwoman said.

Reaux, the daughter of longtime Youngsville Police Chief Earl Menard, said she called the current police chief after the crash because she had just left his house. It isn’t clear why Reaux was at Boudreaux’s house or how long she was there. Boudreaux said she did not drink or use drugs at his home.

In the minutes after the crash, the councilwoman responded to officers with jokes, expletives and contradictory answers, according to bodycam footage obtained by The Advocate.

“You been drinking?” the first responding officer asked Reaux

“No. Yes. Possibly,” she responded.

“It’s a yes or no question,” the officer said.

“No,” Reaux answered.

Boudreaux said Reaux was not given special treatment because of her elected position or relation to the former police chief.

Reaux gave a statement to KLFY News 10 regarding the incident:

As a daughter of a law enforcement officer and an aunt to a police officer, I offer a sincere apology for my conduct towards the police during the November 2022 automobile accident. I understand the significance of respecting law enforcement and regret any negative interaction that took place. I recognize that my actions were not in line with my usual conduct. Furthermore, I have directly apologized to the first responders from the scene of the accident and express my gratitude for their service. As an elected official, I would never ask for special treatment, because I am not above the law. I want to assure the community that I hold a great deal of respect for law enforcement and am fully committed to taking responsibility for my behavior and making amends with the police department and the community. As from the day of the accident to date, I am still committed to working with all parties to resolve this is an efficient, swift, and professional manner.

Youngsville Councilwoman Reaux

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