LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) City Court Judge candidates Roya Boustany and Jules Edwards are getting closer to the runoff election on December 10. Both candidates were in attendance during a Q & A held Tuesday in downtown Lafayette.  

“There are a lot of people in the city who have heard of me. There are very few people who actually know me. So, it’s an opportunity to become more acquainted with the voters,” Edwards said.  

Registered with no party, Edwards has 30 years military service and 28 years as a judge.

He said if experience matters and qualifications matter, then he believes that he is the best candidate for the position. 

“I was endorsed by the candidate who did not make it this far, and I have the broadest amount of experience as a lawyer, and I am the only person who has served as a judge.” 

Roya Boustany is a registered Republican. She is a felony state prosecutor with the district attorney’s office in the 15th Judicial District. 

“The energy, the support, the love that we have felt from the community has really been inspiring for me, and it’s really catapulted the energy that I had before into the runoff.” 

Boustany says she hopes people can see her love for the community, the law, and the constitution.

“I can tell you I have been super involved in this community basically, my whole life since I was in high school. I have cared so deeply about what happens in this community and the future of our kids, and really, that is a driving force for me. It has been a driving force why I’ve been a prosecutor for all this time, and it’s a driving force on why I want to go and make city court the best it can be for the next 20 years.” 

The winner will replace former judge Michelle Odinet who resigned last year following a leaked video in her family home that showed her and family members using racial slurs.