LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Health care workers and concerned citizens rallied in front of Our Lady of Lourdes Women and Childen’s Hospital Thursday evening.

Protesters are continuing to speak out against the COVID-19 mandates for weeks, saying they won’t stop fighting for their freedom of choice.

Most of the protesters say they’re not anti-mask or anti-vaccine. They’re anti mandate.

They believe getting the vaccine or wearing a mask should be a choice and not a requirement.

“We’re anti-mandate. We’re not anti-vaccine. I mean we got people out here who took the vaccine, and they’re protesting because they appreciate the fact that they should have a choice whether they want to take it or not,” health care worker Monique Gary said.

“First and foremost, we’re out here because we don’t want to be forced to do anything. My body, my choice,” Joey Moss, a concerned citizen, told News Ten.

The protesters say as more officials put mandates on health care workers, their families, and now in schools, they’re being stripped of their freedom to choose.

“No vaccines, no mask mandates. It’s ridiculous having my kids go to school for eight hours a day with a mask on. It’s ridiculous. We need to get rid of all these mandates and everything like this, and let the people choose medical freedom,” Moss added.

“It’s not right. None of this is right. It doesn’t belong in our country. It needs to go away,” concerned citizen Mel Labit said.

“It’s tyranny at the highest level, and we’re sick of it. If not me, who?” Moss questioned.

Residents say they’re standing up for what they believe is right and want to put pressure on state officials and Governor John Bel Edwards to reconsider the mandates.

“Last I checked this is America. If we like our freedoms, and we like what America stands for, now is the time to stand up and say no to some of these mandates. Otherwise, we’re going to find ourselves in a situation that we cannot reverse,” Monique Gary added.