LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — As freezing weather approaches Acadiana, so does the possibility of icy road conditions.

With temperatures well below freezing expected this week, the Department of Transportation is taking steps to ensure safe holiday travel, according to DOTD Public Information Officer Deidra Druilhet.

“We’ve actually been prepping for any type of potential cold weather or winter weather,” Druilhet said. “We’ve been prepping since about three weeks ago.”

As temperatures are expected to fall to as low as 20 degrees, the preparations have consisted of ordering and repairing necessary equipment to handle the temperatures, as well as moving trucks and road repair vehicles across the parishes in Acadiana.

“As part of the early prep work we’ve also staged some of our equipment throughout the district so that way we can make sure that everything is spread out and each parish is ready to go should we ever see any cold weather,” Druilhet said.

In the event of a freeze, Druilhet said crews will be monitoring roadways, ready to tend to the safety hazards.

“If we did receive any type of precipitation when the freezing temperature hits, then of course our crews would be on the roadways putting down any type of brine solution or salt solution,” she said. “Again, we are monitoring the roadways and monitoring the weather reports to see what those weather systems are going to look like.”

With crews and equipment already in place, the Department of Transportation also advises drivers to stay mindful of the temperature and road conditions as they go to and from their holiday destinations.