UPDATE 4/24/23 – Mayor Thibodeaux is making progress in his recovery.

According to the release, he is “off of the machines and only has one I-V left and this pleases him.”

The release said that he “still has a long road ahead for full recovery but at this pace and his tenacity we are confident the Mayor will make a full recovery in time.”

DUSON, La. (KLFY) – According to the Duson Police Department, the mayor of Duson is in the hospital.

Police said that Duson Mayor, Johnny Thibodeaux, has suffered a heart attack on April 22.

The mayor was helping at a litter pick up when he had the heart attack.

The Mayor was transported by ambulance to a local hospital and underwent a procedure to clear two major blockages, police said.

Thibodeaux remains in the intensive care unit at the local hospital.