LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Barbara Gallager shared a devastating event with News 10 where she is now without a home and is looking for homes for her animals after an electrical fire damaged it and caused her animals to go to the vet for oxygen treatment.

“It was just chaos and devastation. The floor was slick with moisture. It was just filthy. Everything was crunchy. It was black and the smell of the smoke was just nauseous. It was enough to make you choke and cough,” she said. “I lost everything. Everything has to be replaced.” 

On a Tuesday night when she was coming home from work, she said she opened the door and was hit with a “big blast of hot air.”

“I was thinking what the heck is going on? Did I accidentally turn my heat on instead of turning my air conditioner on?” she wondered. 

“I was shaking so bad it took like five attempts to call 911. After I called them I tried to rescue my animals. I had eight cats in the house. Two were my only personal cats and six were up for adoption.” she said. 

Gallager said that she was frantically trying to find the several cats and her dog. 

Unfortunately, one cat named Ike was already deceased at the apartment and the others were in bad shape; barely breathing. The dog was rescued from underneath the bed. Scott Fire Department and Judice helped and transferred all the cats to Lafayette Veterinary Care Center.

Gallager also told News 10 that she took her dog for oxygen treatment. 

“My dog has improved and she can be released. I got two cats that can be released. My personal cats can be released. I got an adoptable one that can be released. Two more passed away at the vet and there are still two that are on oxygen but they’re probably going to make it,” she said.

At the vet, Bubba passed Thursday morning and Lilly was euthanized because she was not going to make it.

Gallager said losing her fur babies was, “just devastation and I would not wish this upon anybody.” 

“My focus is on my babies. I’m not from this town, I’m not from this state. I’m from Wisconsin so I really don’t have any family down here. My animals are my family and that’s my concern to get them better and get them into foster homes because they all need homes.” 

Gallager told News 10 that she never intended to have many cats as she had some get adopted but the person responsible for them returned them once their circumstances changed and she took them back in. 

She added, “I can not have that many cats anymore. I just can’t do it. If something like that [happens again] I can’t stand the loss and devastation plus I did not need that many cats.” 

If anyone wants to adopt or foster the animals, they can contact SpayNation / Wildcat Foundation. Also, donations are being accepted to help with vet bills and rebuild her life. 

Gallager told News 10 the following:

  • Gypsy will be released from the vet and is going into foster care.
  • Myrtle remains on oxygen and will be needing a permanent home or foster home once she is released from the vet.
  • Cleo is still receiving oxygen and will need a foster home when released
  • Julia needs a foster home for a few months
  • Mitzi is up for adoption
  • Thomas will need a foster home for a few months