Lafayette, La. (KLFY) — A joint ordinance of the Lafayette city and parish councils implements a conditional two percent pay increase for all Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service employees within the Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government.

In speaking one on one with News Ten, Mayor-President Josh Guillory said: “This is a way to retain quality employees here in local government to make sure that we’re cleaning ditches, building roads, and improving the quality of life for those that we are blessed to serve.”

He says the increase ultimately benefits the public as they retain more of their workforce.

“It’s tough times I know for our economy, but I’m just so proud of our small business employers. I’m proud of our local entrepreneurs, those guys and girls have really stuck it out for two years.”

The money to pay for the raises, an estimated $2M, comes from local sale tax revenue.

Lafayette Fire Chief Robert Benoit says prices have been rising for the past five years.

“It’s normal accordance, its something that happens every year, that’s some money for them to feed their families and take care of their livelihoods.”

This is also the first time the pay increase was extended to more than police and the fire department.

“This is the first year that I’ve been in office that we’ve been able to extend it to other employees of the city and parish,” Guillory said.

He thanked Councilmans A.B. Rubin and Pat Lewis.

Guillory says he will be donating his increase to a local charity.