UPDATE 1:35 p.m. — The evacuation has been lifted, and students are back at class, LPD Sgt. Robin Green confirmed.

“UL’s K9 bomb dog went and did a sweep of the school,” Green said. “No bomb was detected, so they gave the all-clear. Even though the kids have been given the all-clear to go back to class, that doesn’t mean our investigation is going to stop.”

Original story: LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Paul Breaux Middle School in Lafayette had classes interrupted for the second time in as many weeks after a bomb threat was made Monday via social media.

Police are on the scene, and are also dealing with another incident at the school.

The school administration was made aware of the threat at 11:13 a.m., and students were evacuated from the school while the search for a possible bomb went on, authorities said.

Lafayette Police spokesperson Sgt. Robin Green said the threat, like every other, will be fully investigated.

“Whether they come in from social media, email, a call, we have to take every last one of these threats seriously,” Green said. “That’s the whole reason we’re here in the school system, to make sure that the faculty and students on campus are safe.”

Students file into Paul Breaux Middle School Monday after being evacuated due to a bomb threat issues via social media. (Photo by Renee Allen/KLFY)

News 10’s Renee Allen reports two people have been taken into custody by Lafayette Police in connection with the second incident, which police say is unrelated to the bomb threat.

“Precious education is being lost when you have to come and shut down a school or evacuate a school,” Green said. “Parents, we need to be monitoring our kids’ social media pages to see what they’re doing. It’s a shame that something they think is cute will result in arrests.”