LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– In February, Pathway Church ran into trouble after the driver of a vehicle struck the building, heavily damaging it.

However, the incident that was supposed to be a major stumbling block, became the pathway to an even better outcome for the church.

Since the incident, members of the church have picked up the pieces and relocated to a new location. Maria Williams, one of the members of the church, said it has been amazing to see how God got them through the incident.

“It’s actually just been incredibly exciting just to see what God has done throughout these last several months since our building was hit by a car, so it’s just really exciting,” Williams said.

With the church acknowledging 10 years since it began, Williams said it brings her joy to see the community come out for this milestone.

“It was really cool just to be able to look out from on stage and just see so many people come together and just celebrating the goodness of God, celebrating just life together and just the journey of these 10 years,” Williams said.

Ben Davis, pastor of Pathway Church, said the church is not only for Sunday services, but it is also for gathering people together to celebrate the goodness of God.

“It’s just so fun to just take a moment and actually celebrate, change lives, and the church is so much more than just a Sunday morning service,” Davis said. “It really is about people coming together, sharing life together and so that’s what today is a little bit about. It’s that celebration together.”

Davis said seeing God use the accident to bring the church to even better heights is a remarkable thing to see.

“It’s been really cool to watch God take something that really should’ve been a major step forward for us as a church, and so he provided this awesome location for us,” Davis said. “We were able to move right in and really didn’t even miss a beat so all glory to God. It’s just amazing to watch him work.”

Davis invites everyone to come and said this is the place where anyone regardless of where they ae on their spiritual journey can find real life.