LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY)– Eye-popping ticket prices have everyone talking at the water cooler and social media posts in recent months and weeks.

Jackie Lyle, the Executive Director of Performing Arts Serving Acadiana, or PASA as it’s known, wants buyers to know why those tickets prices are so high.

She says most ticket vendors have excessive online ticket fees as opposed to when tickets are purchased directly from the box office.

Other factors for the higher prices include artist pricing, ticket resellers, and the vendors under contract with the venue, Lyle said.

“It is often the case, if you search a venue to buy a ticket, you have multiple ticket resellers who are selling tickets at inflated prices.”

Ticketmaster, the country’s largest primary ticket seller, is the current vendor for the Heymann Performing Arts Center and the Cajundome.

Lyle says she would like the Lafayette Consolidated Government to consider using another vendor when the current Ticketmaster contract expires at the end of the year.

“Ticketmaster at one point was the only game in town, but now there are lots of others.”

Pam DeVille, the Executive Director of the Cajundome, says looking for the best prices when it comes to tickets are always the number one consumers main concern.

“Nobody likes to pay higher prices, everybody like to have a bargain and get the best price possible.”