LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– The Lafayette Consolidated Government’s Chief of Minority Affairs Carlos Harvin’s recent departure from LCG appeared to have transpired after a trip his office helped to organize to Washington, D.C. for the anniversary of MLK’s “I Have a Dream Speech.”

For transparency reasons, there are different opinions about what took place on that trip including the cost of donations that reportedly fell short to cover what was to be offered. The person who spoke to News 10 anonymously said there was no communication and constant requests to pay more.

“I was there with my child, but we had children there who didn’t have parents with them,” the anonymous respondent said. “All of sudden we’re like with our group, divided into groups, like hey how much money do you have with you because we’re got to figure out how we are going to feed you.”

“Wednesday night at like 5:30 p.m., they sent out a mass text being like oh everyone who is coming to the bus stop to go to New Orleans has to pay a hundred dollars,” the respondent added. “I was like you have to pay this now, and you have to pay this even though the $400 was supposed to cover the flight, bus ride, breakfast, and dinner.”

The respondent said some made other arrangements to travel to New Orleans in time to fly to D.C. with the group.

“I was just one of two parents,” the respondent said. “We had a family member drive us to the airport because we were like we’re not paying the $100.”

Also, there’s the report of a tour of The White House that fell through as well. The anonymous responder explained the trip was a never-ending wait and see what happens next.

“We go to The White House and they’re like only so-and-so can go,” the respondent said. “It was obviously the committee members and their spouses but none of the parents there were like 30 more parents that all of sudden, we were not allowed to go to the white house.”

LCG’s release also mentions the trip was a partnership with three other organizations.  LCG is aware of the questions and responds immediately that they are looking into the concern about what was to be covered and not and the donations to help offset expenses.

LCG has not said that Harvin’s employment status is tied to the trip.