LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – There are many ways to prioritize your mental health like talk therapy, getting active and eating healthy. Parc Village Performing Arts center in Lafayette is helping to normalize art therapy as a pathway to healing.

Everyone should prioritize their mental health. As different people who’ve all been through different experiences Leigha Porter, owner and founder of Parc Village says what works for you may not work for someone else.

“Not everybody is going to want to sit down with a traditional therapist and express exactly how they feel”, said Porter

The process for some requires getting creative, like using art therapy.

She says, “There is so many ways we can use art as a positive tool in our lives to cope with stress and anxiety just to get our mind and our thoughts out of our head.”

It takes a-lot for the average person to slow down from their busy schedule.
Porter says incorporating creative methods of expression helps to easily slow the mind and body down.

“Things like painting, like yoga can help calm the sympathetic nervous system. Even music. Music brings a joy to your life.”

The performing arts center will host a variety of classes throughout the month of May such as:

  • Zydeco Dance class
  • Yoga for Young People
  • Soul Food: Open Mic Night
  • Men’s Sound Bowl Meditation

All events are open to the public. Visit the website for event prices and dates.