BROUSSARD, La. (KLFY) — With complaints of uncontrolled property all over Acadiana, many residents are asking, who is responsible for the upkeep and when can action take place?

Overgrown property on McNary Street in Broussard is an example of overgrown property left uncut.

A house used to be on the property, but was torn down by the city.

“This is what you get when you tear down a house. Who’s responsible to keep the property up? The owner doesn’t care, because if they care they would have paid the taxes and kept up the property. So now since the town has the lean on it, is the town still responsible for taking over this property?

Ben Theriot with Broussard code enforcement says the city must go through a legal process before being able to cut grass on private property.

“The process is: we get a complaint, we mail out letters through certified mail and regular mail, we have to wait until it’s received then we count 10 days. If it doesn’t get received we have a tag that we can post on a signpost.”

The tag states the property violates chapter 38 article 2 of the Broussard Code of Ordinances. That code requires private property to be maintained in a safe and sanitary condition and providing for the cutting or removal of noxious weeds or grass be at the cost of the property owner.

“Everything has to go through legal to make sure because it is against the law for us to cut grass on private property without following our regulations. That way we can actually bill for the city cutting on private property and put a lean on the property if that’s what’s required if the bill is not paid.”

Theriot adds the process cannot start if complaints are not submitted to the city by citizens.