LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — A student at Northside High School is under arrest after allegedly threatening to shoot the school resource office and another student.

Lafayette Police Spokesperson Sgt. Robin Green confirms the arrest saying the threatening statements were made after the SRO intervened during an altercation among the two students.

“When someone is making a threat to shoot individuals at a school, then our school resource officers have to do their job. They have to investigate and at the end of this, it was determined an arrest had to be made.”

The student’s father disputes that the arrest was warranted and says his son was standing up for himself after being bullied.

“My son was being bullied bad bad and was in flight or fight mode, and its not right what he said, but he wanted the bullying to stop so he said what he said.”

Green says police understand a parent’s frustration, but the arrest was necessary.

Following the arrest and placement inside the juvenile detention center, his father says he has not been allowed to see or speak to his son.

“Noone allowed me to see my son before taking him away. That’s wrong, he’s not a bad kid, he was being bullied bad and he wanted it to stop.”

Lafayette police however continue to make it clear that school resource officers have responsibility.

“I do understand that you get upset that your child had to be placed under arrest and even possibly placed in juvenile detention,” Green added.

“That’s the main job of the school resource officer, to protect the students and administrators on campus.  It’s the same as patrol officer when they are assigned to a precinct.  That is their job. ”