DUSON, La. (KLFY) – Duson is making progress on expanding the area and unifying the community for everyone. 

The Town of Duson is becoming one of the fastest growing towns in Louisiana with plans for new subdivisions and businesses on their way to the area. The Mayor of Duson, Johnny Thibodeaux says there is another project in the works for another subdivision. “Cane Place Subdivision is the first subdivision that came to Duson. Phase one was one hundred and two homes and we’ve got another project on the south end of town.”

Mayor Thibodeaux says the truck stop in Duson is developing into one of the biggest service stations in Louisiana. “We brought Love’s truck stop in a few years ago off of Highway 95 and they naturally brought Wendy’s here and recently Bojangles was added to it. It’s one of the largest truck stops along Interstate Ten in the state of Louisiana.”

Thibodeaux says a new roundabout is in the works by the truck stop and Tobacco Plus gas station, and is slated to be completed by next year. The town has received grants of just over $5.2 million for the construction of that roundabout and it’s looking like it’s gonna be within the next year or so.”

Thibodeaux says it’s amazing to see what the town of Duson has become and is developing into since he became mayor. “To see what we’re doing and what we’ve been able to accomplish since I’ve been mayor is just unbelievable. We just want to improve the quality of life for people and that they can see in the lives of the people of Duson.”

Mayor Thibodeaux says he hopes these plans will strengthen the town to be a family-friendly community.