LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) –The Lafayette Police Department has opened its doors to its new downtown police precinct.

On Wednesday, police held a meet and greet at Precinct 5 located in the Rosa Parks Transportation Center.

“In Parc Patnum, the trees have been cut back to allow more lighting in the area.  Also, motion detection cameras have been implemented in the area,” Sgt. Robin Green explained.    

According to LPD, the downtown area has a security camera system that can tap into about 600 pre-approved cameras.  Some of the accessible cameras belong to businesses or residential locations.

The owner of Black Cafe welcomes the downtown police presence. 

“The downtown area is starting to get more popular, and there are starting to be more people down there, and with that comes people who do not have the best interest of downtown.  So, more policing is needed there,” Owner Trey Ware explained.

ln the last 30 days, the precinct’s street team reportedly made three arrests.

One arrest was for a warrant, another for illegal carrying of a weapon in a bar, and a traffic stop arrest with a stolen gun and three grams of marijuana and two grams of crack cocaine,” Sgt. Green stated.

Captain Chasity Arwood is the Precinct Commander.  

“I will be available if residents have any problems or business owners and hopefully we can work together solving any problems they’re having downtown,” Arwood said.

Captain Arwood responds to concerns that too many police will be a hindrance to people who live downtown.  Some residents expressed concern about extra restrictions on what they can do and where they can go.  

“They shouldn’t be concerned if anything they should feel safer with having the officers patrolling the area. They will have easier access if they do have a problem,” she added.