LAFAYETTE, la. (KLFY) — In Lafayette, the highly anticipated design plans for the new Lafayette High School are being presented to the public.

The presentation takes place at tonight’s special town hall meeting hosted by the school board.

Lafayette school board member Justin Centanni says a great deal of thought and effort has gone into the design for the new school being presented tonight.

“We’re going to see designs of the interior of the school. Up until now it’s really just been the exterior of the school and the site layout. We’ll get to see the interior of the new school building, a detailed construction timeline of exactly what we can expect and when over the next couple of years,” said Centanni.

The goal has been to build something new but keep the heart of the of the over 60 year history of the Lafayette High.

Centanni says the most important aspect in designing the school was incorporating the minds of those who have walked the halls.

“We polled all 2,000 students at Lafayette High, we polled all of the teachers to see what they wanted, and how the facility can best meet the needs of education in the 21st century. We had a steering committee made up of alumni and administrators at Lafayette High to make sure that we were capturing the soul of Lafayette High, and not making drastic changes as we move into a new phase,” said Centanni.

As the design is finalized and construction enters its early stages, Centanni says the school board is ready to hear from the community as they see the vision of Lafayette High’s next chapter.

“Community involvement is everything with our schools,” Centanni said. “Is there anything we can do better? Is there anything we haven’t thought of as far as how the timeline is laid out? It’s so we can best take that into account and make sure that we’re being good neighbors and giving the community what they want. To have their involvement in the next generation of Lafayette High is just so crucial and so important.”

Centanni says the goal is to have the new school complete and ready for students to move in, in the spring of 2025.