YOUNGSVILLE , La. (KLFY) – A new complaint was formally filed against Youngsville’s Police Chief Rickey Boudreaux.  On Wednesday, the complaint was filed as a petition with the Youngsville Municipal Police Civil Service Board.

The complaint that came before the board was filed on behalf of the Peace Officers Association and Citizens for a New Louisiana. The filed complaint underscores what the chief reportedly did and/or has failed to do.

The petitioners are asking the board to take action in the public’s interest when it comes to chief Boudreaux.

“Behaviors by the current chief as well as action and inaction,” petitioners attorney Allyson Melancon said.

The petition highlights alleged instances of the chief fixing or cancelling traffic tickets for certain council members at their request.

Also, the petition accuses the chief of ‘abuse of office and extortion’; such as using staff to do personal work for him and then claiming the work was city related.  

The list of complaints includes the chief being accused of ‘election rigging’ of a civil service board nomination election and failing to address public complaints.

“What we are asking the board to do in this complaint is to utilize their power and their responsibility to conduct an investigation” added Melancon.

The Youngsville Police Civil Service Board Attorney Daniel Landry said the board has the option of setting up a hearing for the formal complaint.

If the board finds something in their investigation, they can forward those findings to the appropriate board or agency for further action.