YOUNGSVILLE, La. (KLFY) — A petition asking the Youngsville Municipal Police Civil Service Board to investigate Police Chief Rickey Boudreaux filed July 26 has been amended in light of new allegations.

The amended petition alleges Boudreaux fostered an unsafe workplace and engaged in witness intimidation.

The alleged unsafe workplace violation stems from an incident on July 17, when a clerical employee of the Youngsville Police Department discovered schedule II narcotics within the Youngsville Police Department.

“While Youngsville Police Department officers are generally prepared and able to use universal precautions, such as gloves and other protective devices when handling hazardous materials, members of the clerical staff within the Department are less aware and quite frankly do not expect to be exposed to such dangers,” the petition reads.

The petition cited the widespread circulation of fentanyl in the communtiy, and “is the culprit in many accidental overdoses.”

“The presence of unsecured narcotics within the Youngsville Police Department is an issue that represents a serious health and safety concern for the employees of the City of Youngsville and unnecessarily exposes the City to liability,” the petition reads.

The allegation of witness intimidation comes from a more recent incident related to revelations that he allegedly threatened one of his officers by text over the weekend.

“On July 29, 2023, Chief Rickey Boudreaux initiated a text message to a Youngsville Police Department officer,” the amended petition reads. “In that message Boudreaux stated ‘I’m still the Chief and I make all the decisions. Watch what is coming… It’s my turn to make those who have turned on me pay for what they have done. You might be number 1 one my list… I don’t get even I always get ahead.’ This officer is just one of several witnesses expected to appear before this Board and other governmental agencies, including but not limited to the Louisiana Board of Ethics, to offer testimony into the culture of corruption which exists within the Youngsville Police Department.”

The petition cites a Louisiana law that states that “any public employee who reports to a person or entity of competent authority or jurisdiction information which he reasonably believes indicates a violation of any law or of any order, rule, or regulation issued in accordance with law or any other alleged acts of impropriety related to the scope or duties of public employment or public office within any branch of state government or any political subdivision shall be free from discipline, reprisal, or threats of discipline or reprisal by the public employer for reporting such acts of alleged impropriety.”

The original complaint filed on behalf of the Professional Association of Law Enforcement Officers and Citizens for a New Louisiana July 26 highlighted alleged instances of the chief fixing or cancelling traffic tickets for certain council members at their request. 

Read the amended petition in its entirety here: