LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Award-winning musician and composer Allen Harris shares the tale of a run-away slave from Louisiana who crosses the Sabine River to become one of the first cowboys in Texas.

Cross That River is a musical based on a historical fiction about the journey and life of Blue, who escapes slavery and becomes one of the first black cowboys in the west. Harris said the play is not only black history but American history.

“The template is black history and it is based upon the life and struggles of this black cowboy, it is also an American story told through his eyes,” Harris said.

Jackie Lyle, with the Performing Arts Serving Acadiana, said Cross That River is a story the community can connect with because of the traditions of zydeco trail rides throughout Acadiana.

“For this season we wanted to bring it into Lafayette because it’s so relative to our local culture, we really wanted to delve into the history of the black cowboy and we did that through several talks with Dr. Theodore Foster, and we set up the schedule of activities,” Lyle said.

Harris said his goal is to deliver a story where people and children feel empowered. He said he wants everyone to know there was a moment in time where people who were different worked together with a common purpose.

“You had no time to worry about prejudice, so there was a moment in history we actually worked together and color was forgotten on that trail. It was there, but it wasn’t as loud as it is now. So that’s what they’re going to walk away with, that we are in this wonderful magical thing called America together,” Harris said.

Cross That River will be performed at the Hymann center on Monday Feb. 13 at 7:30 p.m. and on Tuesday there will be two daytime performances for students.

Tickets are available at the Hymann Center box office and at