LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Parents of Holy Family Catholic School students in Lafayette are outraged after a video surfaced online of a physical altercation that was ignored by the teacher.

The video depicts alleged bullying as a young girl repeatedly punches her male classmate right in front of their teacher.

“My main concern is that in the video the teacher violated his professional duties in his capacity at the time,” Shauna Sias, a community activist, said. “He did not provide any type of supervision to the children. In fact, it was his lack of supervision that placed the child in danger.”

Sias said she was made aware of the video when students posted the video online.

The mother of the young boy in the video has since reached out to Sias to voice her frustration after the school suspended her son following the altercation.

“What kind of statement did that make? He was physically, then verbally attacked within visual view of a teacher, and the school decided they will punish him,” Sias said.

Sias said the boy’s mother is let down by the actions of the school and plans to continue to push for the school to be held accountable.

“The mom is seeking charges,” Sias said. “She has filed a police report. She is very hurt. And I will use her statement, and I quote her, ‘I sent my child to private school to keep him from getting bullied’.”

As Sias and the boy’s mother wait to hear from the school, Sias said the school should hold the teacher accountable for the lack of attention to his students, and all of those involved should learn from this situation.

“The school’s reputation should never outweigh the safety of the children,” Sias said. “All of them played a part, and it needs to stop.”

News 10 has reached out to the Holy Family Catholic School but has not received a comment.