LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — More and more people are looking at the idea of living in Downtown Lafayette.

Over the past year, the Lafayette Consolidated Government has introduced several proposals and partnerships to turn the downtown area from simply a commercial area into a neighborhood.

Rukus Skate Shop has been a part of downtown for 12 years. Rukus Shop employee, Kyler Jacquet sees downtown living as a chance to unite the community.

“For the longest time, I feel like the north and south sides have separated,” Jacquet said. “I feel like us coming to the center of downtown would actually be good for both sides economically and socially.”

“If you haven’t noticed, downtown Lafayette is changing.  Times are changing and the minds of people are changing. We sell skateboards and skate shoes,” he said.

According to Lafayette Police Sgt. Robin Green, people can expect business as usual from the law enforcement.

“Adding the residential areas into the downtown area we are still going to do our job,” Green said. “Look at River Ranch. It’s residential and business in the same area. This is no different.”

The co-owner of Lagniappe Records, Patrick Hodgkins, says he’s heard talks about the downtown retail and restaurant community in need of more residents.  

“So it’s less of a destination and more of people in the neighborhood just coming by and have that community aspect kick into high gear.”