LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – In order to maintain revenue budgets, Moncus Park in Lafayette will soon begin setting fees for people that are looking to park their vehicle at the park and for other attractions as well.

Executive Director of Moncus Park J.P. MacFadyen took a look at other urban parks in the U.S. “What we have seen around the country in terms of best practices with urban parks and how they operate… There is not just one way that this works and because we have no tax dollars involved in the operating of the park… We have to have multiple ways to do this,” says MacFadyen.

The biggest change to the park that MacFadyne spoke about is the new parking fees that are going to be coming soon. “We will have a nominal fee. It will be two dollars an hour and Mondays will be free. The first thirty minutes will be free. The maximum cost is ten dollars if you stay all day,” says MacFadyen.

Not only is there a fee to park your car, but people will be charged extra if they want to bring their dog to enjoy the dog park. “So we have a ten dollar annual fee for a dog park permit. What does that go too? That goes to cleaning up the dog park. So it is professionally maintained, we are using sanitizers. We are picking up dog poop. We are asking other people to pick up dog poop of course. So that is part of it.

There are no fees for entering the park. These are only for commuters who are parking their cars in the parking lot. The fees are set to be implemented in mid July.