LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– Representatives with Central Park toured Moncus Park during their visit to Lafayette in efforts to help Moncus remain resilient for the community.

Moncus Park has been selected as one of six parks across the nation to partner with the conservancy through a mentorship program.

Chelsey Roberie, the park’s community engagement director, said Moncus is known as an urban park conservancy which is a 501c3. Because of this, the park is publicly funded and community supported.

Roberie said with this uniqueness to Moncus Park, being selected to participate in the central park conservancy mentorship program and learning from experts on how to remain resilient is exciting.

“We’re very excited as a team to bring that back to Moncus Park here in Lafayette and build resilience into our planning,” Roberie said. “Whether that’s our economic resilience, our team’s resilience, and our cultural resilience of what Moncus park means to our community.”

She said representatives with Central Park will assist in areas to help Moncus retain its uniqueness while remaining resilient in the community. One of those areas they are seeking help in is parking.

“Lafayette as a community is not a pedestrian city, we know this,” Roberie said. “We don’t have a lot of public parking; we don’t have parking garages and public spaces that people can enjoy on foot so we have to get creative with our spaces.””