LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) The owner of an Acadiana Modeling Agency we spoke about last week is now telling his side of the story to News 10.

In our story last Friday, KLFY reported the details from two women who claimed they had lost hundreds to thousands of dollars in the company, calling the business a scam.

Blasion Comeaux is the owner of Faces with Talent, and says the allegations are 100% false.

Known as “Tokyo Blasison,” in many circles, he says he started the company to offer women opportunities.

“We are not really an agency; we are a third-party company. So, we try to get you in the door with, you know, strong possibilities or even if you don’t, we like to pay people for their work.”

Jasmyne Boldock, a former model, told News 10 she was not getting paid for her work saying instead that she paid Comeaux tens of thousands of dollars to help her launch her career.

“More down the line, once I started to realize I’m not getting paid for anything that I’m doing I had signed up for probably over 20 shoots and he wasn’t planning any shoots to deal with me.”

Boldock said in total she spent close to $20K.

“So, adding it all up together. It was very close to around 20K.”

Comeaux meanwhile says there is much more to the story that what the two women are claiming.

“Every time somebody doesn’t get their way, all of a sudden I’m not legit anymore because I didn’t give you what you wanted to do. No, I follow policy.”

Aspiring model Geraldine Similien says she lost more than $1K and says she left after hearing about the allegations.

“It just started to get really weird, especially because in the beginning, he was like you know we only have one spot left. So, it’s either you are going to do it or not. You don’t have much time to decide that.”

Comeaux says he believes the women are looking for a payday.

“Everybody is trying to get money out of this situation. Everybody is trying to give false allegations because they’re trying to come up. You knew when you signed that black and white contract what the guarantees were; you knew what the policies were because the policy never changes; it only updates.”