LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — In Lafayette, members of the Unitarian Universalists are spreading a message of love and freedom for the women of Iran.

Diane Kirksey, a member of Unitarian Universalist, stated, “What we’re doing is holding a rally in support of Iran’s people. The recent violence has made us more aware and more concerned where we are called to side with love in any instance where we have the opportunity.”

Kirksey said members of the Unitarian have come to Louisiana from Iran to escape Iranian government limiting women’s rights.

She said, “We still have Iranian students here and Iranian families and so we decided to stand with them and let that relationship not be clouded or harmed by governments that don’t agree and don’t represent their people.”

Phyllis Richard, a religious education teacher, said, “We’re just here to show our support and solidarity to the people of Iran and we need to be their voice.”

Members like Tia Lebrun use their own families as inspiration to stand up for families of Iran.

“I have four daughters and three grand daughters and I want them to be able to make choices about what they wear, where the work. So empowering women nation wide and world wide is a priority and we have so many places where women cannot attend school or are abused for a few strands or hair and that can’t be our reality in 2022,” stated Lebrun

With Iranian students in danger of violence for speaking out, members of the Unitarian believe it will take unity to be the voice of the voiceless.