LAFAYETTE, La. KLFY — Imagine being forced to live in a tent with no air conditioning, no electricity and no where to turn.

That’s been the reality for one woman and her son here in Lafayette, until a stranger stepped in to lend a helping hand.

‘This is where we’ve been for the last three weeks,’ Krista Hill said, pointing to a tent in a Lafayette campground where she and her son have been living for nearly a month.

Hill has been through a lot.

She found herself living in the tent after being forced to leave her Baton Rouge motel in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

She came to Lafayette, where she says she was robbed at gunpoint at her motel.

With no money, she ended up at Acadiana Park living in a tent, that is, until she met Lafayette resident Terrence St. Julien.

‘Your life really did change overnight.’

St. Julien shared Hill’s story on social media and Acadiana answered the call for help.

Overnight people raised enough money to get Hill and he son out of a tent and into a hotel.

Hours later more good Samaritans stepped in and gifted Hill with a mobile home.

Then a local business offered Hill a job.