LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – A recent photo on social media showed a man backing up his truck and unloading trash into the Vermilion River, now his identification is being sought.

Local residents have expressed their concern about litter in the Vermilion River and just recently, a photo on social media showed a man unloading his trash into the river.

The photos were captured by a home surveillance camera located on the opposite side of the Vermilion River. Once the pictures were posted on Facebook, The Vermilion District was tagged and notified.

Managing Director at Bayou Vermilion District Brady McKellar told KLFY News 10 that “it was quite a surprise. It was something that was sent to us by one of our community members.”

McKellar also stated that he was made aware of the photos after receiving notifications on Facebook of a man dumping trash at the Rotary Point entry on the Vermilion River. He said there are no regulations on trash and litter being dumped in the river, but Bayou Vermilion District helps to preserve it by collecting the trash.

“We’re not an enforcement agency, our job here at the Bayou Vermilion District works with preservation and the conservation of the waterways. So most of what we do involves taking the trash out of the bayou.”

Other organizations that help collect trash from the river and around it are Rotary Club of Lafayette and Dredge the Vermilion.

KLFY News 10 reached out to the Sheriff’s Office to ask if anyone reported the trash being dumped and if there are any consequences for littering the river. We were told no one has called to report it and if anyone is caught littering, they would be subjected to fines and community service.

McKellar said the Bayou Vermilion District wants to keep the river preserved so people can continue to enjoy it.

“We just want to be here to preserve the bayou.”

If anyone can identify the suspect, notify the Lafayette Sheriff’s Office.