LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– Lafayette Utilities System (LUS) and the Lafayette Consolidated Government Environmental Quality Division has gotten together again for their annual Spring Rain Barrel Sale.

Rain barrels help to conserve water, reduce water bills, and reduce stormwater run-off that would pollute nearby bodies of water. Rainwater can be used for houseplants, flower beds. gardens, bathing pets and washing cars.

Barrels will be sold at a discounted rate to residents throughout Acadiana. Residents in the city of Lafayette and unincorporated areas of Lafayette Parish will receive an additional discount.

The price for Lafayette and unincorporated Lafayette residents is $50 for the first barrel and $65 for each additional barrel. Other Acadiana residents will have to pay $65 per barrel.

The deadline to order is April 23 or while supplies last. Supplies are limited to 300 barrels.

Barrels will be available to pick up at the Domingues Compost Facility on May 13.