LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) As Hurricane Ian is slowly working it way up the Gulf Coast, landfall will likely happen on Wednesday evening.

With that, several utility crews from Acadiana are enroute in preparation for damages to come.

Lafayette Utility System spokesperson Alex Antonowitsch talks about how the company will assist.  

“LUS sent seven crews over to assist Gainesville Regional Utilities GRU for the Hurricane Ian storm. GRU, they have been out here a bunch of times to help us for different storms. Delta, Laura, and a few others.”

Antonowitsch said the last time LUS workers went out to assist was in 2004 for Hurricane Francis, and again in 2019 for Hurricane Dorian.

In addition, he said, it is vital to have help from other areas because it aids in the recovery process move quickly so many people wont have to go days without power. 

“They have been very helpful, and you know we like to return the favor. We are all a part of a mutual aid group throughout the public power association where we come to each other’s help, especially during storms or major events,” sad Antonowitsch. “It’s helpful to have mutual aid because what would happen then is your crew might be a certain size, but when you can bring in crews from other cities with equal experience.” 

He said of the seven crews, five are line crews and service crews.

“They may help with transmission lines. They may help with just putting up poles and transformers, but it all just depends on how it kinda goes down after the storm,” he said. “Right now, we don’t know how long the crews will be out there for. Hopefully, it won’t be too long, but it really depends on the amount of damage and what kind of work they’ll have to do out there.” 

David Freese with Entergy says the company will send more than 820 restoration workers to help in the aftermath of the hurricane. 

Slemco communication coordinator Mary Laurent said the company is sending crews but are just waiting on where to go. 

“We are thinking of Florida and all their workers and have released our contractors to help with their storm restoration. Contractors are not Cleco employees, they are workers who help us during storms and outside of storms when needed,”  Cleco communication strategist Fran Phoenix said,

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Gainesville and the rest of Florida,” Antonowitsch commented.

Hurricane season doesn’t officially end until Nov. 30 and companies are encouraging customers to stay alert and safe by having a personal disaster plan and an emergency kit ready year-round.