LAFAYETTE PARISH, La. (KLFY)– Teachers and support staff in the Lafayette Parish School System could see a one-time payment coming their way after a decision made by the Lafayette Parish School Board.

At Thursday’s meeting, the board approved a one-time stipend for certificated and support staff. Though there will not be a permanent addition to salaries as of now like in prior years, the legislature is giving money to school districts in the form of a one-time $2,000 stipend for teachers and $1,000 stipend for support staff, with expectations of future discussion about possible permeant salary increases.

“While we understand that this may not be a recurring practice, we are pleased to provide equal
stipends to all employees and remain somewhat competitive this year,” Superintendent Francis Touchet, Jr., said. “We appreciate the board’s support on this retention initiative.”

Stipends are scheduled to be issued for Nov. 30.

A 2002 ½ cent sales tax payment for teachers was also approved at the school board meeting. This payment will give classroom teachers and other eligible employees the opportunity to get a $2,830.56 payout on Oct. 31 with a $750 increase to the teacher pay scale which will go into affect Nov. 1.