LAFAYETTE PARISH, La. (KLFY) — There’s still money on the table if you have what it takes to teach. The Lafayette Parish School System (LPSS) captured attention with its teacher recruitment and retention stipends.

Nicky Walker is the parish school district’s Diversity and Equity Talent Coordinator. She said there are many pieces to the puzzle of recruitment, and that it can be especially challenging when faced with a shortage.

“It’s hard because we are looking for quality certified teachers. Everybody is looking for that. It’s not just Lafayette Parish,” Walker explained.

School districts nationwide have been dealing with a teacher shortage, especially since the pandemic.

LPSS’s April announcement of the stipends opened the gates and the district reports an increase in people asking about the jobs they have available.

“We are seeing people coming from the outside and coming to Lafayette Parish, Walker said. “That’s a great thing because we want to attract quality educators to our parish.  It’s working. It’s doing good.”

Briefly, there are three stipend options: (2) $5,000 stipends, both are one lump sum payouts, or a $4,000 stipend that’s allocated over two years.  

LPSS Director of Employment Services, John Mouton says it’s his department that’s responsible for hiring all LPSS employees.  

“We are getting more people calling and saying ‘what does it take?’ We have also found interest from our own teachers who are trying to figure out what they need to do to make sure they qualify to get the stipend,” Mouton said.

Mouton said they still have vacancies, even though some people have already signed on.

“As the summer progresses there will be more openings, Mouton noted. We will be hiring from now until.”

All the stipends require the qualified candidate to teach at one of 12 selected LPSS schools, listed below:

● Dr. Raphael A. Baranco Elementary School

● J.W. Faulk Elementary School

● Alice Boucher Elementary School

● Lafayette Middle School

● Acadian Middle School

● Carencro High School

● Northside High School

● Lerosen Preparatory School

● Evangeline Elementary School

● S.J. Montgomery Elementary School

● Carencro Middle School

● Paul Breaux Middle School

For more information and details about the incentives, visit LPSS’s website.