LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Parents are voicing their concern for the lack of communication from the Lafayette Parish School System (LPSS).

Christi Brown noticed children in her neighborhood waiting for over 45 minutes for a school bus that never arrived. “On Monday the kids went out to the bus stop. When 8:45 comes around there’s no bus, so I call transportation.” Brown would find out the bus is not running. After this discovery, Brown felt the need to voice her frustration. Her complaint is not with the bus driver shortage, but with the lack of communication to parents.

Brown says she gets all the messages from the both the school and the school board. “Why didn’t I get a message from transportation that there wasn’t going to be a bus on Monday or any other day of the week?”

Brown says the school updates parents on matters involving school projects, but have given no notice of transportation issues. “We get updates on projects going on at the school, we have different communication, but transportation there is no communication,” says Brown.

Brown hopes for improved communication between the school and parents moving forward so parents have time to plan ahead when issues occur. “A simple text message early enough for the parents to prepare to get there children to school. Just any form of communication.”

News 10 has reached out to members of the school board, and is still waiting on a comment.