LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – One of the items on the agenda for the Lafayette School Board was to have a community discussion about the potential disciplinary actions for recent threats against LPSS campuses, employees, and students. 

On their agenda, LPSS the following, “Several schools in the Lafayette Parish School System recently experienced several false threats of violence directed against their campuses, students, and teachers. Every threat is handled with the utmost seriousness in order to ensure a safe learning environment for everyone on our campus. These threats have forced students, teachers, staff, and local law enforcement to deal with significant trauma, anxiety, and waste of valuable resources responding to the threat and securing the respective school sites.” 

In the meeting tonight at 5 p.m., the school board, the district administration, and the public went over the current policies regarding discipline for students who make false threats and made any potential changes to ensure the Lafayette Parish School System has the ability and authority to pursue punishment to the fullest extent allowed by law in an effort to provide an adequate deterrent to students.

News 10 has been reporting school threats throughout Acadiana, and in Lafayette Parish, 10 threats have been made in total to the schools there. We will bring more updates tonight on our ten p.m. newscasts.